OPINION: Time for mutiny after dud captain’s call?

OPINION: Tony Abbott's decision to bring back the Imperial awards of Knight and Dame in March last year, some 30 years after the Whitlam government scrapped them, was met with a huge amount of disdain.

Abbott's decision, which was made without reference to the Cabinet, came only one year after he vowed not to reintroduce them.

When announcing his decision he stated that four worthy Australians would be nominated each year, with the Governor-General of the day automatically becoming a Knight or Dame.

Any rational person would think that after the outcry over that decision he would quietly let the idea disappear into the history books.

But no, just when you thought his actions couldn't become even more bizarre he announces that a knighthood had been bestowed on the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.

Once again the decision was made without referring it to Cabinet, leading to most of them quickly distancing themselves from his ill-thought out decision.

To bestow such an award on a person who already has more titles than most libraries and whose only real contribution to Australia was keeping us all bemused by his constant guffaws and occasional rudeness is slightly less than nothing.

With Abbott's apparent disregard for parliamentary process and obvious lack of understanding of the way most Australians think, is he really a fit and proper person to lead our country?

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