Brampton Island.
Brampton Island.

Please explain sent by council to island owners

MACKAY Regional Council could ask the State Government to terminate the Brampton Island lease, if the island owners can't show that efforts are being made to develop the resort.

The Daily Mercury can confirm that a letter has been sent to the owners of the island, United Petroleum, from the council to explain what progress has been made to restore Brampton as a tourist attraction. "I think there is a valid case to terminate the lease," Mayor Greg Williamson said. "The owner bought the island in 2011 and they have done absolutely nothing with it."

Cr Williamson admitted that any move to have the lease terminated could be met with legal challenges.

"We will wait to get a response. They have a valid DA, which has a couple of more years to run," he said.

But the mayor said he might not wait that long to request the termination of the 99-year lease for the tourist destination.

"The longer it goes on the worse it will get. It was shut in 2011, and we have had a few cyclones since then," he said.

"You know what happens to a place in a coastal environment when there is no work being done."

But the tough talk from Cr Williamson could be for naught, with the owners having the island on the market since November last year.


Brampton Island.
Brampton Island. Operator

Tourism advocate Col Adamson has been campaigning to have Brampton Island and a ferry service re-established for many years.

He believes something needs to be done in the next few years, not in 10 years. "We have to have someone with money to buy it," he said.

Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan wasn't privy to the lease conditions. "But I'll like to see evidence of them (United Petroleum) fulfilling their obligation of the lease," Mr Costigan said.

"If they are supposed to do nothing, then they tick all the boxes."

United Petroleum was contacted for comment.


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