Time for politicians to stop playing the blame game

EDITORIAL: There is always win and lose, give and take, in a government's budget. There has to be. After all, it's a balance sheet.

There are wins for the Fraser Coast - an extra $19.2 million for disability services in Maryborough, $8 million to schools to prepare for year 7's move up to high school in 2015, and a share (albeit a small one) in Wide Bay's allocation for disaster recovery.

Bundaberg and the Burnett, which were hit badly by the recent floods, need to get the lion's share of that.

But the shortfall in funds for flood mitigation on the Fraser Coast is a big worry.

It was hoped that these funds, under the Betterment Fund using state and federal money, would protect some of our repeatedly flooded infrastructure and even remove some of the need for disaster recovery.

But with more than $40 million of projects sought by the Fraser Coast Regional Council, only $80 million has been allocated - for the entire state.

With September's election shaping up as a disaster for Labor, it is to be hoped that Canberra might loosen the purse strings a little for Queensland, where the ALP is at risk of a wipe-out. On the LNP side, there is one budgetary side-effect to be hoped for:

Perhaps as this second Nicholls Budget takes hold, the Newman Government will stop its tired, knee-jerk response that everything is the former government's fault.

The LNP's policies should be firmly stamped on Queensland's economy now.

Tough decisions have been made. It's time to take full responsibility.

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