Bouncers bashed with mum's stilettos

SHE'S only tiny, but that did not stop Belinda Anne Simpson taking on two big burly bouncers with her stilettos, to protect her man.

Ms Simpson, who stands just 145cm tall - 4' 10" in the old scale - pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court to two charges of assault occasioning bodily harm.

The two injured men were both bouncers at the Pub Mooloolaba.

One had an ear injury that required a visit to the hospital, while the other copped a stiletto heel to the head.

"Police noticed a circular laceration injury to his forehead, the skin was broken and blood was running down his face," Police Prosecutor Sergeant Leanne Chawner said.

The descriptions of a pint-sized woman getting the better of muscular bouncers drew laughter from the public gallery.

Ms Simpson was out enjoying drinks with her partner Adam Whitmore and some friends at the hotel on August 4.

About 11pm, her partner "was falling asleep" and was asked to leave, so he went outside to hail a taxi. She also headed out to give him the cab fare.

Soon after, he got involved in a disturbance and Ms Simpson stepped up to the plate.

"He was getting into an altercation with one of the bouncer's mates, a screaming altercation, and I said can you pretty much shut that dude up," she said outside court.

"They pretty much told me to deal with it myself, so I dealt with it myself."

The 26-year-old had taken off her high heels earlier in the night.

"I still had my shoes in my hand. It was just swinging."

In court, her lawyer Michael Robinson - who in contrast probably stands around 195cm - said she "accepted that both security guards suffered injury".

"You might consider my client's relatively small size, your honour - she's tiny," he said in her defence.

In sentencing, Magistrate Andrew Walker pointed out the serious side to the events.

"In your mind, you considered it some sort of self-defence thing, looking out for your partner," he told Ms Simpson.

"You used an item of clothing as a weapon. You're not charged with that, if you had (been) it would have made the charge a whole lot more serious."

He also noted that assaults of security officers were becoming more common and were not acceptable.

Mr Walker fined her $800, but ordered that no conviction be recorded as it would impact Ms Simpson's career wishes to study youth work.

She said she had no intention of ever returning to the hotel.

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