Summer days, fireworks and leftovers: how to keep your pooch safe

SUMMER SAFETY: Brianz K9 Training owner Brian Collecott with Penelope, shares his top tips to keep your four-legged friend safe this festive season.
SUMMER SAFETY: Brianz K9 Training owner Brian Collecott with Penelope, shares his top tips to keep your four-legged friend safe this festive season. Jodie Callcott

SCORCHING summer days, loud fireworks and Christmas leftovers may be the perfect holiday combination, but not for our canine companions.

Brianz K9 Training operator Brian Collecott said during the summer months, dogs needed two things - water and shade.

"They've got to be able to get to shade at all times of the day and water always needs to be available," Mr Collecott said.

In addition to shade, Mr Collecott said dog owners needed to prepare for fireworks.

"New Year's Eve is probably the worst time for dogs escaping and running away simply because of the noise," he said.

"If necessary, bring them inside, whether that be in a garage, the laundry or in the house.

"But the main thing is, they've got to be in an area where they can't escape and run from the noise.

"Because they'll just run, they don't know where they're running to, they just keep going and they end up in pounds and refuges."

Mr Collecott said dog owners had to resist the temptation to share Christmas leftovers as dogs often became unwell.


"A lot of people tend to spoil them at Christmas time with lots of fat off the ham or treats," he said.

"There are pet treats available that are fine, carob's a substitute for chocolate, certainly no chocolate.

"A lot of dogs end up very sick at the New Year because they get over fed at Christmas."

Brian Collecott with Penny Philp.
Brian Collecott with Penny Philp. Jodie Callcott



For dog owners who are going away for Christmas, Mr Collecott advised to plan ahead.

"If you can't get them into boarding kennels, there's a lot of pet services now that'll actually come to the home, water the garden, feed and take the dog for a walk," hesaid.

"Make sure you're responsible and you've got somebody responsible that's going to look after them.

"Friends or relatives if you can, but don't just go and leave the dog at home on its own."

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