Tips to keeping your pool safe

AS THE Fraser Coast swelters through another hot summer, it's no wonder pools get a good work out.

There are a number of useful tips to ensure your pool is kept clean and safe for you to swim in all summer long.

Warm weather might make swimming more enjoyable but heat, humidity and long hours of sunshine can help algae grow compromising water quality and appearance.


Here are 10 useful tips to ensure you swim safe this summer.

  • Check your pool's chlorine and pH level every two days, especially after a period of heavy usage and after a particularly hot day or period of solid rain.
  • Clean out your skimmer basket and hair and lint pot in your filtration pump weekly.
  • To re-balance pool water, take a sample from elbow depth away from the pool returns and take it to your local pool store to be professionally tested.
  • Use a quality algaecide to keep algae at bay.
  • Operate the filtration system 6-8 hours a day
  • Regularly check sanitiser levels, ideally on a daily basis
  • Check Total Alkalinity (TA) weekly with a test kit or by taking a sample to your local swim store.
  • Thoroughly backwash your sand or DE filter, or remove and clean the cartridge from your cartridge filter with a hose, depending on pool use.
  • Maintain the water level at least half way up to the skimmer box opening.
  • Regularly brush or vacuum pool walls and floor.

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