Tom Cruise crashes fan's bike

TOM Cruise crashed a teenage fan's dirt bike after re-enacting stunt scenes from one of his action movies.

The screen legend was reportedly urged to have a go on the speedy two-wheeled vehicle after watching a youngster drive around outside the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, when he lost control, crashed and ended up scraping the bike all up the side.

The teenager reportedly shouted to Tom: "Hey, show me some of those cool moves you did in 'Knight and Day'!"

However, after showing off with a few wheelies the 48-year-old star lost his balance, fell off and damaged the bike.

According to the National Enquirer magazine, he said: "Guess I got a bit carried away. Give me your name and phone number, and I'll have it fixed good as new."

However, the teen decided he would rather keep the bike in its smashed state as long as the actor signed the damage he had made.

The actor laughed, then returned inside the building for a pen before scrawling his moniker along the scuffed metal work.

As he started to head home, the teenager shouted at Tom: "Thanks for breaking my bike in!"

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