Tossing live snake was no joke

WHEN Malcolm Marriott spotted a large group of youths walking along Lennox Street on Friday night, he never imagined they would throw a live carpet python at his passing car.

The alcohol bottles they were swigging from, maybe. But a snake? Never.

“I couldn't believe it,” the long-time Maryborough resident said. “The fact they'd throw a defenceless animal under a car is disgusting.”

Mr Marriott said he and his wife were driving home about 9.30pm and were passing the Doon Villa Bowls Club when the incident happened. He said he saw two boys rush to pick something up, before realising they were holding a carpet snake.

“They threw it out in front of our car and we ran it over,” he said.

“I was angry - if my wife swerved she could have hit an oncoming car.”

Mr Marriott said the couple pulled over to confront the youths - aged about 13 to 15-years-old - but they ran off.

“I went back to check on the snake and it had obviously been hurt. It started slithering off the road but I knew it wouldn't live for long.”

The snake, in Mr Marriott's opinion, was about six to eight foot long.

“I've reported the incident to police. What (the kids) need is a good kick up the a***.”

Police said yesterday the youths could face a charge of public nuisance.

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