Tourism boss favours plans to draw wealthy to region

THE man in charge of promoting the Fraser Coast to the nation has backed a local developer's vision to draw a higher-income demographic to the region.

David Spear, general manager of the region's peak tourism body, Fraser Coast Opportunities, has supported Glen Winney's plans to draw wealthy people to the region.

Last month, Mr Winney told the Chronicle he believed to get the best from the region's economy, higher-income earners needed to move here.

Mr Winney said self-funded retirees and people prepared to spend money would provide a boost.

Mr Spear agreed and said FCO was already targeting a specific demographic.

"I think Glen's comments are quite valid," Mr Spear said.

"What we do is we approach it from a market perspective. Where there is likely to be demand for skills."

As for the current state of the economy, Mr Spear cited the strength of the Fraser Coast through the global financial crisis.

"You will see that we had significant jobs growth in a time that for the rest of the world, was actually quite challenging," he said.

However, Mr Spear acknowledged there had been significant job losses in construction, manufacturing and agriculture since 2007. But health care and education had experienced growth.

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