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Anti-halal row: Trainer quits Racing Qld after posts

A ROCKHAMPTON trainer has quit his position on Racing Queensland's board after being 'outed' over a series of anti-halal and anti-Islamic posts on his Facebook account.

Jim Rundle shared a series of posts which urged followers not to support halal-friendly brands such as Nestle, Cadbury and Weetbix.

He also shared a post from the Australians United Against Extremist Religion page which said: "Isnt (sic) it your right to know the religion of the pilot flying your plane?", NewsCorp reported.

The Courier-Mail reported on Monday there was mounting pressure on the trainer to resign after senior members of the Brisbane training fraternity said he was "not the desired person for the job".

Mr Rundle initially defended his online actions to the Brisbane newspaper, saying he "hardly uses the bloody thing (Facebook)" and labelled the posts a "smear campaign," claiming his account was "hacked".

However when contacted by Racing Minister Grace Grace to explain the posts, Mr Rundle handed in his resignation, the paper reported.

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Ms Grace said the Government did not accept religious intolerance. 

The outcome was met with general derision by those posting comments on the Courier-Mail's website.

"What a joke.... the man is only stating what most australians think!,'' one wrote.

"PC (political correctness) at its worst....wake up Australia!,'' another wrote.

Based on other posts, Mr Rundle appears to hold conservative, Christian views.

He also posted about the need to keep Christ in Christmas.

Mr Rundle shared a post from the ABC on a report about conservative Cory Bernadi warning that terrorists could be among Syrian refugees.

One person wrote: "I fail to see any unhealthy relationship between Religious beliefs and Racing Queensland.  It's not like he was going for a Church appointment! 

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