OPINION: Try walking in the shoes of a teacher

IT IS easy to criticise someone's action when you are not in their shoes.

And it seems to me it is even easier to criticise teachers despite not knowing the issues they face on a daily basis.

But that is exactly what I have seen online in the last day since news broke of the Kawungan State School student who has autism and was taken to a separate room by a teacher.

This is a topic that has divided the community and as much as I feel for any student that has felt excluded from practices like this, my heart also goes out to the teachers.

It's easy to forget when blinded by rage that these people wanted to make a career through inspiring and educating children.

I agree, it is definitely not acceptable to lock a child in a separate room and we are still waiting on the investigation to reveal the exact details of what happened in that class room.

As a community we should continue to hold the highest expectations for our teachers but we should also understand they are human, errors can happen and there's a lot of outside factors to take into account like teacher to student ratios and available training.

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