ANYONE affected by or concerned about bullying is encouraged to tune into the University of Springfield’s (USQ) Phoenix Radio on Monday for a special broadcast produced by Springfield Bachelor of Applied Media (BAM) student Vinod Eda.

Mr Eda said the special would delve into the social and economic costs of bullying and explore the many forms modern bullying takes.

“We speak to people working at ground zero, supporting victims of bullying including Fiona Ware from Wesley Mission Brisbane, and Jill Donoghoe – manager of Youth Support co-ordinator program at the Gold Coast,” Mr Eda said.

“We were also very grateful to have Rachael Jenkins join us, who is a victim of bullying herself and bravely came into the studio to discuss her experiences and what she did to get through it.”

He said he had the idea of broadcasting a special about bullying after hearing about a documentary called Walk in my Shoes, produced by Wesley Mission.

“The documentary is excellent. It discusses bullying with young people in a way they can understand, using great real life examples and people,” Mr Eda said. “I wanted to bring the message that there is help for victims of bullying to our listeners and perhaps open the eyes of bullies to what they are doing and the damage they are causing.”

Ms Jenkins said she took part in the Phoenix broadcast because spreading the message about bullying and support for its victims was extremely important.

“If it wasn’t for Fi (Fiona Ware), I don’t think I would be where I am today. She gave me the support to get through it and made me feel comfortable,” she said.

“I was bullied so badly, I didn’t go to school, I didn’t know how to read, write or anything. I was seen as a target by bullies because of my size – I stood out. Over time it wore me down emotionally, mentally and physically.

“I relied on my family and eventually I went to the Smart program where I met Fiona. It helped me a great deal.”

Tune into Phoenix Radio’s at 11am and to find out more about the documentary Walk in my Shoes go to

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