Tusk, tusk, where's the feral pig bounty?

PORING over the minutes of another committee meeting, Linda Harris was left to wonder if the council had cut off its snout to spite its face.

The minutes of the last Environmental Advisory Committee meeting confirmed a council bounty on dingoes and feral pigs has been chopped.

They also recorded the discontent of Woocoo farmer and ex-councillor James Hansen (pictured) who wanted to know what consultation had taken place before the bounty was wiped out in the June budget.

Mr Hansen raised concerns that the Fraser Coast council was not supporting landholders of the former Woocoo shire by ending the bounty.

Mr Hansen told the meeting that confusion about where to take snouts had followed amalgamation, leading to the fall in the numbers of snouts surrendered.

“I believe it was removed because the bounty was not being utilised enough since amalgamation,” Ms Harris said.

“I would like to see the bounty reinstated and the rural communities informed on how to access them.”

She pointed out that one pest management officer was now operating where two used to cover Tiaro and Woocoo.

The former Tiaro officer went with amalgamation, a third of the old shire and an in-depth awareness of the feral pigs and wild dogs landscape.

“He knew the lie of the land. It is a very onerous task for one person. But, as far as employing more staff, that would have to be a budget decision.”

Along with a reinstatement Ms Harris also called for rural residents to be properly informed about the bounty.

She claimed the amount of money paid to the bounty hunters was not a lot when the potential damage wild pigs could cause was factored into the equation.

“Not only do they eat the cane but they also wallow and roll around. You can lose huge areas of sugar cane.”

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