SEEING DOUBLE: Twins Jorja and Taylor Ween, read The O'Sullivan Twins at St Clare's.
SEEING DOUBLE: Twins Jorja and Taylor Ween, read The O'Sullivan Twins at St Clare's. Valerie Horton

Twins share book love: Get your Blyton book for $3

MISCHIEF is on the menu at St Clare's and the O'Sullivan Twins are absolutely to blame.

Pat and Isabel O'Sullivan return to the school term with focus in their eyes and determination to be good students.

But, the lure of tricks is too much for the girls who soon find themselves at the forefront of tricks played on Mam'zelle.

The rivalries and friendships had along the way make for an interesting and very entertaining read and a copy can be yours for just $3 with today's Chronicle.

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While Fraser Coast twins Jorja and Taylor Ween have been known to play the odd trick on their big brother, they're good girls who love to read and play together.

Jorja and Taylor are best of friends who love to read, do gymnastics, play in their pool together and when they grow up they both want to become teachers.

While the girls are yet to read the O'Sullivan Twins at St Clare's, they both have lots of favourite books.

They have grown a love of reading together rather than with their mum now they're in Grade Two at Fraser Coast Anglican College.

"I love Magic Animal Friend," Jorja said.

"I have lots of favourites but I like the EJ Spy School books," Taylor said.

Taylor said the best thing about being twins was sharing each others clothes, toys and always having a best friend to play with.

Their mum Melissa Ween said she started reading to the girls from a young age until they learnt themselves which they now prefer to do together.

"It's important to read to children from a young age to help develop their listening and reading skills and it allows them to build their imaginations," she said.

"It helps the girls express their feelings and gave them a desire to read."

Mrs Ween said Jorja was the sensitive twin who was shy at times while her sister Taylor was confident and sporty.

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