Two new pedestrian crossings for Boat Harbour Drive

THE DEPARTMENT of Transport and Main Roads has advised two new pedestrian crossings will be installed along Boat Harbour Drive early next year.

The about seven kilometre stretch of road is maintained by the Queensland government rather than the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

The spokesman said there were currently 11 signalised crossings in place along with three pedestrian refuge crossings.

While it is not clear yet what process was used to decide the placements of the two new pedestrian refuges between Howard St and Elizabeth Dr along Boat Harbour Drive, a TMR spokesman said technical guidelines informed all decisions.

"These standards do not impose a minimum distance between crossings," he said.

"However we support the view that pedestrian crossings should only be provided where sufficient pedestrian demand exists, as drivers are inclined to ignore the presence of a crossing if it is not used frequently, creating safety issues for pedestrians."

The spokesperson said the below considerations were used to determine the placement of pedestrian crossings.

Pedestrian volumes, including the number of vulnerable pedestrians such as children, people with a disability and the elderly

Walking distance and the number of traffic lanes to be crossed

Traffic volumes and the presence of acceptable crossing gaps in the traffic and the average time between gaps

Visibility at the site

History of pedestrian injury crashes

Existing signage on the approaches to the proposed crossing location.

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