Unpaid escort steals $25K, destroys car

AN ESCORT has been jailed after stealing three cars and $25,000 worth of goods from a client who failed to pay her.

Shari Emily Renee Williams, 27, faced Murgon Magistrates Court on three counts of unlawful use of a motor vehicle, one count of stealing, one count of possessing dangerous drugs, and one count of driving without a licence as a repeat offender.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said on September 7, the client picked up Williams from Murgon and took her to an address north of Blackbutt.

"The victim and the defendant went into a shed on the property for some time," Sgt Stevens said.

"At about 11pm, the victim left the defendant inside the shed and went to the dwelling to go to sleep.

"She then contacted her co-offender to come and pick her up."

Sgt Stevens said the co-offender and another male arrived at the property a short time later.

"She indicated to the co-offender to steal items from the property.

"They then stole $25,000 worth of electrical items, a welder and other car products," Sgt Stevens said.

"They piled it into a van and the three of them stole three cars."

Sgt Stevens said one of the cars was found crashed in Blackbutt and alight.

"When arrested, Williams was found to be in possession of a small amount of amphetamines. She told police she didn't have a way of getting home and called the co-offender.

"She told them to take some stuff but she didn't think they'd take as much as they did, and she didn't know they were going to take the other two cars," Sgt Stevens said.

Magistrate Louisa Pink said Williams' offending was very serious.

"Mr Werner (Williams' defence lawyer) says you left, but you can't just wash your hands of this responsibility by saying, 'They took more than I wanted them to and so I went away', essentially leaving them to their own devices."

Magistrate Pink said she took into account that the substantial amount of stolen goods were recovered, and that Williams assisted in the process.

"But what I'm a bit perplexed about is that you phoned these people to come and steal from the person whose property you were at because he hadn't paid you.

"In addition to them presumably arriving in a car, three vehicles were also stolen, you drove one of those vehicles and one of them was found subsequently burned, and you were unlicensed at the time," Magistrate Pink said.

"It sounds like you certainly found yourself in a difficult position, being on a rural property and that's no doubt one of the hazards of your occupation.

"These offences were particularly serious in light of the fact that you're 27, but you have a seven-page criminal history.

"The important factors are that on the one hand you've committed serious offences and you have a serious criminal history, but you're still relatively young.

"You co-operated with police, you identified your co-accused, you assisted police, the goods were returned, and you voluntarily disclosed the drugs," Magistrate Pink said.

For the three charges of unlawful use of a motor vehicle, Williams was convicted and sentenced to prison for 12 months.

For the charge of stealing, Williams was convicted and sentenced to six months' imprisonment.

For the charge of unlicensed driving as a repeat offender, Williams was convicted and sentences to three months' imprisonment, and prohibited from holding or obtaining a driver's licence for six months.

For the possession of amphetamine, which Magistrate Pink said was a small amount that was voluntarily disclosed, she was convicted and not further charged.

"Taking into your account your level of cooperation in this matter, I fix your parole eligibility date after two months, on December 28, 2018, with the six days of pre-sentence custody declared."

South Burnett

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