John Wilkin is fed up with his old boat being vandalised by teenagers.
John Wilkin is fed up with his old boat being vandalised by teenagers. Toni McRae

John needs police to stop vandals

JOHN Wilkin just wants to go to sea in his much loved 69-year-old motor launch, do a spot of quiet fishing and breathe in the salt air but teenage vandals won’t let him.

“I’ve had enough; my patience has come to an end. Somebody’s going to get hurt and I hope it won’t be me,” the 73-year-old retiree said yesterday.

“These young vandals have been attacking my boat over 13 years. I’ve actually caught a few of them at it and I’ve made at least 11 formal complaints to the police but nothing is done to stop them wrecking my old boat and sinking my dinghy.”

John Wilkin bought his timber launch, Jus-Tus, in 1972.

“I’ve become quite attached to her. I moor her at Urangan South beach and I’ve registered that mooring but still the police won’t do anything to help me.

“I’ve had windows and portholes smashed, my mast and rear doors broken, the hatch smashed open and property stolen and my dinghy wrecked and sunk.”

Police yesterday confirmed that two officers had gone out to meet Mr Wilkin on the beach on New Year’s Eve, after the latest young vandals’ attack on the 9.1 m boat.

“The officers checked out the damage and Mr Wilkin also handed us a list of names and phone numbers,” Senior Constable Bob Droves said.

“We cautioned two juvenile girls in March last year after they damaged the boat and we’re still working on the current reports.”

Mr Wilkin said that a few days ago he caught a group of five young people trying to sink his dinghy.

“It went under water just as I got out to them.

“Three were girls and they could teach a bullocky how to swear.

“I waited for them back on the beach and after another set to they calmed down and I told them they’d have to come back and meet me at 7pm to help me get the dinghy back afloat. They actually turned up and eventually one girl gave me her name and the names of others who have been vandalising my boat. I knew the names were correct because the vandals were idiotic enough to have written their names in the fresh paint over my hatch.

“On Monday I took the names and some phone numbers to the police.

“They aren’t interested. They basically say to me there’s nothing they can do because the vandals are juveniles and because my old boat is out there pretty much by itself I should expect all this.

“I say however that if there’s a magistrate out there with a backbone, sentence these people to cleaning up the damage to my boat. I’m tired of clearing away broken glass.”

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