Hislop cranky over rubbish vandals

THE BIN kickers and crashers have been out in force over the Hervey Bay holiday break and three of them have made our local professional shark hunter Vic Hislop very cranky.

“These low-lifes targeted my home wheelie bin on Wednesday night a week ago, driving into it and then pushing it along the road and just leaving it there spilling stuff out, some of it which could have slashed tyres or cut feet,” Mr Hislop said yesterday.

“My son Luke had to clear up the glass and rubbish from the road.

“Then on Wednesday night someone had another go, actually two goes within 10 minutes of each other.”

But Mr Hislop felt a bit happier when Hervey Bay’s Sergeant Peter Bennet phoned him yesterday to tell him police had talked with an 18-year-old man, who said he had hit the wheelie bin, and had then issued the man with driving infringement notices.

Mr Hislop’s son, Luke Hislop, said he had followed a white Toyota Landcruiser with three young men in it after he saw them “attacking” the bin for the second time on Wednesday night, just after he’d cleaned the rubbish up from the road and put the bin back on the family’s property.

“I followed them, got their rego number and phoned the police while I was on the road and gave them the number. But then they went down back streets and I lost them.”

“We’ve had other reports of wheelie bins being hit over the holiday period and pushed over by ostensibly intoxicated people,” Sgt Bennet said.

“As we move into the new year we will continue to maintain our enforcement activities to ensure everybody can enjoy the rest of the holiday period safely.

“We’ll certainly be taking appropriate action when people involve themselves in this meaningless and senseless type of behaviour.”

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