Violence in Bay pub after man loses phone and his temper

HE LOST his phone, then his temper.

Nicholas Anthony Baldwin was drunk and missing his phone at a local pub when he pushed a stranger, causing him to fall and break his leg.

The 46-year-old Craignish man pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay District Court to grievous bodily harm.

The court heard that as his victim fell, his leg became lodged between pillars and broke in three areas.


Baldwin had previously realised his new phone was missing and began punching walls and flipping over tables.

Crown Prosecutor Katrina Overell said the man, described as a "gentle giant" by friends, was verbally abusing staff yelling out "who the f*** has my phone?"

The victim, who was at the venue eating dinner, laughed at Baldwin's extreme reaction.

"Slapping, punching" between the two followed though Ms Overell said "there's no evidence any of these punches connected."

Baldwin pushed the victim to the floor during the brawl, which resulted in the significant leg injury.

Defence barrister Kylie Hillard said her client had started new medication and by mixing it with alcohol resulted in irrational behaviour.

The court heard that shortly after the incident, Baldwin and the victim coincidentally met at a police station, initially not recognising each other.

They engaged in a conversation about fishing, and it was after the victim said he could no longer go fishing because of his injury that Baldwin made the connection.

Baldwin apologised, telling him "the beer hit me differently."

Baldwin was sentenced to 18-months imprisonment, suspended for two years.

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