Neil Roberts.
Neil Roberts.

No response over prison claims

CORRECTIVE Services Minister Neil Roberts is expected to today hit back at controversial claims regarding the tension between security guards and inmates at the Maryborough Correctional Centre.

Last week sources inside the jail revealed the tension had reportedly reached “boiling point” and that officers feared inmates were gaining the “upper hand”.

In response LNP prisons spokesperson Vaughan Johnson slammed Mr Roberts’ handling of the problem.

“Inmates are reported to be running the show because managers won’t back frontline officers in enforcing basic discipline,” Mr Johnson said.

Mr Johnson likened the trend at the Maryborough prison to a similar course of events at an Innisfail prison camp where inmates were allegedly allowed to order pizzas from mobile phones, meet up with girlfriends and make unsupervised trips to the beach.

“The situation looks very much the same,” Mr Johnson said

“Managers (are) not enforcing basic discipline and frontline guards are under threat from arrogant inmates who are running the show.”

On Friday a spokesperson for Mr Roberts described the allegations as “off the mark” but the Minister was unavailable for comment yesterday.

Queensland Corrective Services are adamant that changes at the prison were for the better.

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