Want to see what an actual drug sale looks like?

A YOUNG Hervey Bay man used social media and modern technology to set up drug deals, including the trade of 1000 MDMA pills.

Stephen Andrew Pavey, 25, pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay District Court to 16 charges, including possessing dangerous drugs and supplying dangerous drugs.

The court heard that at 6.30am on July 20, police executed a search warrant at a home in Brighton St, Point Vernon, where they found Pavey hiding behind some boxes in the garage.

During the search, police found 0.86g of marijuana, 23 oxycodone tablets, a small amount of methyl- amphetamine and tools used in relation to the drugs.

Police also found an Apple iPad and a mobile phone which the court heard were used by Pavey to supply illegal drugs.

The court heard of eight separate occasions where Pavey organised drug sales, recoded through private Facebook messages and text messages.

While most of the sales were of marijuana and meth, on July 18, Pavey took part in a Facebook message conversation to find out a price for 1000 MDMA pills.

While handing down his sentence, Justice John Robertson said Pavey needed to stay away from illicit drugs if he were to turn his life around.

"I accept that when you're addicted to dangerous drugs it's a very serious addiction; something that remains with you virtually forever, but ultimately it's a choice," Justice Robertson said.

"You are part of a huge and dangerous spiders' web that makes up the drug industry in this country, albeit at a very low level."

Pavey was sentenced to a term of 18 months' imprisonment, to serve a suspended sentence after four months, with a three-year operational period.

The Chronicle has obtained actual message transcripts between Pavey and his clients, as mentioned in court:

(July 10, 7.43pm: Pavey taking preparatory steps to supply meth)

Pavey: Can u sell any points

AJ [contact]: I'll ask man, I did have someone chasing

Pavey: No worries man, I'll see what I can do. But really no one hits me up for that sh*t at all. And most people who do hit me up cause I'm cheapo

Pavey: Hectic bro 50 each

AJ: I can probably work with that, I'll get the word out
Pavey: Yer bro sweet

AJ: You interested in getting sh*t consistent for us next week? Not a f*ckload to begin with, But enough to cover you. Like, just as a backup thing for you, You'll still rely mainly on your mates. But I'll just be the plan b

Pavey: Well I was gunna talk to u I can get a fair bit cheap

AJ: Word I've got an idea


(July 16, Pavey telling KW [client] he had "pills and trips" - ecstasy and LSD or cocaine - and would exchange it for a laptop)
KW: Whats prices der? I have a laptop

Pavey: I've got rock atm sold pills n trips. How much for the laptop

KW: 150

Pavey: Pics. Swap a couple of dots [0.1g of meth].

KW: Not if its what u gave me last time was 100% cut

Pavey: Nah different bro heaps better can try before swap

KW: Yeah aight…I'll send pics soon

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