WARNING: How scammers are targeting Coast renters

SCAMMERS are targeting desperate would-be tenants who are struggling to find a home on the Fraser Coast.

Real estate agent Tony Nioa, from PRD Maryborough said scammers were picking a house available to rent and advertised by local agencies.

They then copy and past home on non-traditional platforms, such as social media.

Trusting tenants, believing the property to be a private rental, had sent deposits only to be caught out later, Mr Nioa said.

Some had worked out the trick before sending money, Googling the address and finding out the same place was being rented through an agency.

Others only found out they had been scammed after they arrived at the home and failed to find a set of keys in the mailbox.

He said an increase in the number of scams involving rental properties in the last six to eight weeks was notable.

"These are unscrupulous people posing as private landlords," he said.

"They pose as the owners or landlords of the properties."
Mr Nioa said it was a reminder for people to deal with licenced real estate agencies.

"It is a bit of a cautionary tale," he said.

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