JUST days after police warned motorists not to drive their cars through high tides at Fraser Island, a group of people had to come to the aid of a driver who got bogged at Eli Creek.

The incident happened on Friday and was videoed by a concerned bystander.

The video, which has more than 27,000 views online, shows a vehicle stuck in the sand while trying to drive through the water.

A group of holidaymakers enjoying the water nearby walked over to the car and gave it a push, helping it continue on its way down the beach.

The incident is far from isolated, with other videos of cars going through the water at Eli Creek shared to Facebook pages "I got bogged at Inskip Point" and "Camps on the Beach".

Last week Senior Constable Melanie Ryan wrote a post for the Maryborough Police Blog, sharing the concern held for those undertaking the risky manoeuvre.

She said police had observed several motorists crossing at Eli Creek and were shocked the drivers drove through so much water.

"While police are making inquiries regarding these incidents, police are urging motorists not to drive through this much water," she wrote.

Snr Const Ryan said motorists were putting their lives and the lives of others in danger.

Photos of other vehicles were taken and shared by the police, showing the cars driving through the high tides on the island.

"With the influx of visitors to Fraser Island and a combination of high tides, it concerns police that people are still choosing to put not only their life in danger but others in their vehicle, and quite possibly those who may need to come to the rescue when things go wrong," she said.

Snr Const Ryan said conditions were changing on Fraser Island all the time.

"Every hour of every day the sand changes on which you drive on.

"What you drove on an hour ago will be different to the next time you drive, with sand changing the terrain from high and low tides," she said.

"Some wash-outs can only be quite shallow with others often very deep and often dropping right off before your eyes, meaning when you realise what you are about to drive through, it can often be too late."

Sergeant Shane Fitzpatrick, officer in charge at Fraser Island Police Station, said thousands of vehicles had visited the island over the school holidays.

Police officers were out in force on the island over the school holidays, checking seatbelts and carrying out random breath tests.

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