WATCH: Artist speaks out against vandals who damaged artwork

Maryborough artist April Spadina with her artwork installation that was vandalised.
Maryborough artist April Spadina with her artwork installation that was vandalised. Carlie Walker

HER artwork depicts a special part of Maryborough's history, when men were known to ride their bikes through the Heritage City on their way to work.

That is why April Spadina believes so many people are outraged after her art installation, with was located in Kings Lane between Bazaar and Adelaide streets, was vandalised last week.

A menagerie of animals, including goats, pigs and a cow, were depicted on vintage bikes, paying homage to the past workers at Walkers Ltd, who were sighted daily riding their bike to and from work many years ago.

Sadly soon after the bikes were installed at the artwork they were damaged and they have now been removed after receiving extensive damage last week.

"The council had no choice but to take the bikes away as they were twisted and broken, dangerous with sharp edges jutting out."

Ms Spadina said the vintage bikes would be replaced with metal bike cut-outs, power coated and fixed to the wall.

"I don't understand the mentality of vandals," she said.

The whimsical illustrations were enjoyed by people throughout the city, while the metal bikes, which were attached to the paintings, and children could pose for photos.

"People just loved them, little kids loved them," she said.

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