Watch: Interview gets awkward ... fast

GRAHAM Arnold has lashed out at Fox Sports on live TV, demanding an apology from host Adam Peacock for apparently accusing the Sydney FC coach of avoiding live post-match A-League interviews.

Arnold aired his grievance on Saturday night during his live interview with the network's studio commentary panel following the Sky Blues' 2-0 home loss to Adelaide, in an unexpected exchange that prompted talk on Twitter.

"Is Adam Peacock still there ... where's the apology?" he asked.

"Apology for what?" Peacock replied. "For me not doing a live interview for the last four weeks when we've had two afternoon games," Arnold shot back.

"The coaches never do a live interview after afternoon games. "You said I've been hiding."

Sydney's last match, against Brisbane at Suncorp Stadium, kicked off at 7.30pm. The two games prior against Central Coast and Wellington started at 5.15pm.

Peacock argued that Arnold had been given the opportunity to be interviewed live by the studio after the last three games that Sydney played in the later timeslot.

"I said last week it is completely your prerogative to talk to us, and if you didn't want to talk to us that's fine," Peacock said.

Afterwards at his post-match press conference, Arnold contextualised his complaint.

"Last week (after losing 3-2 to the Roar) they tried to say I didn't want to do a live interview, which was wrong," he said.

"I didn't get asked to do one, I got asked to do one with (sideline reporter) Nick Meredith.

"I actually asked before I went on if it was going to be live or delayed.

"They said delayed. What can I do? I just did what I was told." Peacock tweeted afterwards. "Seriously tho, never had a problem with G Arnold. Still don't," he posted.

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