FRASER Coast Mayor Chris Loft couldn't get away quick enough from a press conference this morning when asked about a controversial blog run by his son Jason Loft.

It comes after Council CEO Ken Diehm and Football Queensland's Wide Bay Board confirmed lawyers were called in response to unsubstantiated allegations posted to the site.

Cr Loft had called a media conference on Thursday to take aim at the State Government after the Fraser Coast was not listed as a potential fly in, fly out workers hub for the Adani mine.

But when talk turned to his son Jason Loft, he refused to discuss the elephant in the room.

Instead, he shook his head, said "no comment" and stormed from the Maryborough Town Hall with television news reporters on his heels.

The video in question contains unsubstantiated allegations are levelled at a number of councillors and two board members of the Football Queensland Wide Bay Board.

Since the video was posted, the Chronicle has repeatedly contacted Cr Loft for comment, but has received no response.

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