Cruze plays in the rain for the first time

WATCH: Mum's emotional moment as tot sees puddles

THE healthy downpour on the Granite Belt provided 19-month-old Cruze Patti his first chance to play in puddles.

Rain has become such a rarity in the drought-plagued region, that Cruze's mum, Holly Patti, had to explain to her son what it all was.

"I had to explain to Cruze what a puddle was," Mrs Patti said.

"We put him in a raincoat when there was a bit of rain back in June but this is the first time he's really been able to properly play in the rain.

"He loved it. He was on his way to swimming lessons that's why he's in his swimmers.

"But he wanted to play in it longer."

The family lives just outside town, so they're not on the town water supply.

So far they have trucked in two 7000L and one 14,000L deliveries of water.

His mum Holly said the rain was wonderful sight to see.

"We are on tank water and have been buying water so the 17mm we have gotten so far is very welcome," she said.

"It's a bit sad really. I grew up playing under a hose. It was lovely to see him discover a puddle for the first time and a bit sad as it's something that kids should be able to do all the time.

"I remember growing up playing under the sprinkler and that's just something we can't do now."

Luka-Jane Taylor also took a video of her two and a half year old, Lennox, in a fit of excitement.

The youngster can be seen jumping up and down and saying 'it's raining, it's raining'.

Ms Taylor lives in town and doesn't have a rain gauge, but she said she was thrilled to see a big smile on her son's face nonetheless.

"He was so excited to see the rain he raced to his room and put his gumboots on to splash in the puddles," she said.

Holly Patti shared this photo of her son playing in the rain.
Holly Patti shared this photo of her son playing in the rain. Contributed

Thulimbah farmers Allison and Daniel Zahl received more than 20mm at their property.

"It was great to hear the rain throughout the night. Hoping it continues as much more rain is needed for the spring crops to grow," Mrs Zahl said.

"We are dairy farmers at Thulimbah and like all farmers we are struggling with feed and water and this bit of rain will help to start our spring season off."

But to make a real impact, much more is needed.

"It depends on how much we get. Due to the sandy soil it won't last long as it will just drain away quickly," she said.

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