THE Home Box Office Channel in the US has released the first trailer for the highly-anticipated new season of its hit Game of Thrones.

The 1.44-minute clip for the upcoming fourth season features returned Lannister royal Jaime telling his nephew, the tyrant King Joffrey, that "the war's not won".

The trailer, which has already been viewed nearly eight million times, also shows the "mother of dragons" Daenerys Targaryen continuing to build power for her planned invasions of Kings Landing.

"They can live in my new world, or they can die in their old one," Daenerys is heard to say, presumably referring to the current power holders the Lannisters.

Beloved actor Peter Dinklage's character Tyrion Lannister is also featured saying "Things are intense right now. I don't think I'm talking my way out of this one".

The new season will also feature Joffrey's royal wedding to beautiful noblewoman Margaery Tyrell.
The fourth season of Game of Thrones debuts on April 7 on Foxtel's Showcase channel, airing just two hours after the US.

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