Watch your water use on holidays

RESIDENTS in Childers and Woodgate have been asked to keep an eye on water use over the holiday period.

Water levels in the water catchment areas for Woodgate and Childers are on low levels, due to a lack of rain in the area.

Deputy Mayor Tony Ricciardi said it was a matter of being water wise. “We’re asking people in Childers and Woodgate to think about water usage. There are lots of ways that we can save water with very little effort. You’ll find lots of hints and tips on the council website –”

Some simple ways to save water include doing a check of leaks in taps and toilets and repairing them, installing an efficient drip irrigation system, sweeping with a broom, not the hose and reading the water meter weekly to keep consumption under control.

The Council website contains water-saving resources including booklets, fact sheets and educational tools. Hard copies can also be produced on request at the council’s administration centre.

For further information regarding posters, displays and promotional items contact the council’s Infrastructure Services Department on 1300 883 699.

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