Water police warn they may not be able to rescue

IT'S not safe to venture out on the water today according to our local water police.

Hervey Bay Water Police Sergeant Paul Bacon said with a current gale force wind warning in place it was not worth the risk.

"Listen to the warnings and stay at home safe, there will always be another day for fishing...it's just not worth risking your life in conditions like this," Mr Bacon said.

The message for those with large sailing vessels is the same.


Sgt Bacon said anyone with vessels at the marina or in waterways on the Fraser Coast need to make sure they check their vessels and put out additional anchors if required to avoid any dangers during the gale-force winds.

He stressed that if these vessels get into a dangerous situation and conditions are bad on the water, rescue crews are unable to risk their safety.

"It can become too dangerous for emergency crafts and rescue helicopters to perform rescues," he said.

The worst of the weather is forecast for Thursday and is expected to ease off on Friday at this stage, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

But with conditions uncertain it's important to check the most up to date warnings before heading onto the water.

Mr Bacon said once conditions are safe on the water following ex-tropical Cyclone Debbie's aftermath, a message water police wanted to get out was familiarity of your boat or vessel.

This comes after a recent incident on the eastern side of Fraser Island where a master got into a difficult situation which is believed to be due to lack of ability and knowledge in relation to the vessel.

Sgt Bacon said this was a message to everyone heading out on the water over Easter.


- When heading onto the lakes and dams - make sure your load is secure.

- Make sure your boat is secure with the appropriate ropes or strapping.

- Before heading out - check weather warnings and any local closures.

- Know your speeds and be aware of others using the water ways.


- If heading out have your boat set up before you launch.

- Use the rigging areas to get your boat ready instead of congesting boat ramps.

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