The Mary River Marina covered by floodwater.
The Mary River Marina covered by floodwater.

'We copped a beating'

THE Mary River is set to peak again this morning at five metres, but the worst of the flood damage should be behind us.

The Mary River Marina is likely to be the most badly-affected area, but the Lamington Bridge - which was re-opened to cars about 1pm yesterday - and the Granville Bridge are expected to remain open throughout the peak.

The railings on Lamington Bridge have been left down until the river peaks again about 10am, then they will be replaced so pedestrians can cross the river.

While the clean-up has begun in Maryborough, Mayor Kruger said he had been out to Glenwood to inspect the damage.

"We are still assessing the damage across the region, but overall, we fared pretty well," he said. "But if that rain had come back, we would have been looking at a very different ball game."

He said the Glenwood, Tiaro and Bauple areas in particular had copped a beating.

"There are some roads that are badly damaged - Arborthree Rd, Trotter Rd and Sykes Rd, Arborthirty Rd," he said.

Cr Kruger said a community well-being centre was being set up at the Glenwood Progress Association hall to help people affected by the floods.

He also paid tribute to Fred Duffell, who died after his four-wheel drive was swept off Arborten Rd on Monday. "Mr Duffell was a great friend to everyone in the community, and that loss is weighing on them," Cr Kruger said.

Gundiah was still isloated yesterday afternoon, with flood and storm damage reported to several houses and water tanks. At Bauple, power cuts meant the Macadamia House store was doing a roaring trade in batteries and bags of ice - kept cold by a generator.

"A few outlying houses are cut off, but luckily there hasn't been too much damage," shop assistant Louise Lynne said.

At Tiaro, the Foodworks supermarket was getting back to normal after it wascleaned out of bread and other essentials, by hundreds of people stranded during the worst of the floods.

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