New study shows you'll be 5kg heavier by 2031

"WE NEED to lose weight but we also need to stop putting it on."

Those are startling words from former Australian Medical Association Queensland president Dr Shaun Rudd after hearing startling new figures about the Fraser Coast's obesity epidemic.

New figures show the average person will be 5kg heavier by 2031 and about three quarters of us will not be the current normal weight.

At the moment, about 46,000, or 46%, of Fraser Coast residents are either overweight or obese, and about 24% are obese, University of Adelaide figures show.

About 22,000 women and 24,000 men living in the Fraser Coast council area are considered overweight or obese.

"It's hard to use the word obese but you can weigh them and use words like morbidly obese," Mr Rudd said.

"Once you're overweight you're in trouble.

"Prevention is better than a cure."

The Heart Foundation has released a report that shows the number of obese Australians will reach 41% in the next 15 years.

The report shows fewer than one in four Australians will be the current normal weight.

Since 1989, the average Queenslander has put on 8kg, Heart Foundation figures show.

In 1989, 10% of Queensland was obese. In 2011-12, that increased to 30%; the highest percentage in the country.

Australia-wide, 28% were obese that year.

Community health councillor Robert Garland said the council was enhancing the natural environment to make it more fitness friendly.

"We're encouraging people to join the Heart Foundation walks, Parkrun and getting out into our open spaces,"

"We're putting a lot more funding into outdoor fitness stations along the Esplanade and in Maryborough."

In the lead-up to Christmas, Heart Foundation general manager Rohan Greenland said urgent action was needed to tackle the obesity epidemic.

"It's fine to enjoy special occasions like Christmas Day, however it is important to make healthy diet choices every other day," Mr Greenland said.

He said 35% of what Australians ate was discretionary food.

"The shift away from a healthy balanced diet to one filled with an ever-increasing supply of cheap, high-calorie foods is a recipe for poor health and one of the main drivers feeding our obesity crisis."

The Heart Foundation has called for a tax on sugary drinks and a ban on junk food marketing to children.

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