We want cheaper rates, rego and electricity prices

READERS are all for cheaper registration, rates and electricity prices following a letter writer's plea for pensioner rego assistance.

The Torquay resident wrote a letter to the editor asking which political party competing to govern the State of Queensland was going to assist the pensioner in regard to the registration of our motor vehicle?

The writer pointed out that in New South Wales a pensioner needs to hold Third Party Insurance but does not have to pay registration fees.

Chronicle reader Julie Edwards would like to see the cost of rego, rates, electricity and licensing greatly reduced, especially licenses for learners.

"They (learner) have no choice but to take it for three years and the government wonders why kids have no jobs," she said.

Robert Macfie doesn't want to hold his breath waiting for results of a lot of promises from the major parties.

"They will be forgotten when the winner is announced," he said.

All for a reduction in rego fees, Kerryl Jones said pensioners were fighting to keep a car on the road to get to the doctors and other important appointments.

Sallie Cook suggested halving registration fees until the government starts fixing up the roads and not just main roads but the roads around town.

Kira Milford agreed with the letter writer and would like to see Queensland follow suit with NSW.

Annette Scougall would like to see a price drop in car rego, rates and electricity prices.

Geneal Hohn Kershaw thinks electricity prices need to be dropped before registration.

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