"What are they going to ask for next, roof over pool fence"

WE asked our Facebook community to have their say on Queensland becoming a nanny state with 'pool fencing reaching hysterical levels'.

Queensland pool laws are the strictest in the country with all pools to be fenced, even though there is nothing to stop other creative kids from devising similar methods to enter pool areas.

Queensland has a virtual army of pool inspectors charging around issuing $250 fees for certificates.

Do you agree the most sensible thing to do is for parents to teach children to swim and supervise them around swimming pools?


Daryl Hemming: "So we're the nanny state but apparently still had 23 child drownings in the last 3 years. Pool fence gates normally have a lock on them so I'm at a loss to understand how a child could stand on a chair & still open the gate. Dams and lakes are bodies of water that are normally situated a distance from a dwelling & therefore, in most cases, a child would have a challenge being near a dam/lake unaccompanied. It's easier for a child to drown in a backyard swimming pool because they're normally located close to the dwelling, thus a child can slip away for long enough to get into trouble."

Kellzbellz Bills: "They should fence the dams and lakes and water holes and oh maybe puddles. A child can drown in a puddle. It's ridiculous these strict laws. Ensure swimming lessons are affordable and push that. We live in an area here surrounded by water. Are they going to fence the beach next?"

Emmabe Leader: "I can see the reason for the laws particularly in the town areas but in rural areas - often there is a dam nearby - water is water. Also on larger blocks provided kids can't get to the pool from the house - why fence all the way round - often there is a large amount of ground outside the pool, and the whole area is fenced (not necessarily pool fencing), so anyone has had to intentionally get into the pool area - but in the end - kids are kids - fence or not - some will get into the pool - and some parents won't watch their kids like they should either."

Kresta Martin: "We have pool rules in Canada too. Pools have to be over a certain height and with no foot holds and you can get away with no fence...all in grounds must have a fence regardless of kids or not."

Kylie Salmon: "If children are old enough to think of inventive ways to obtain access to a fenced pool area, they are certainly old enough to learn to swim. Parents need to take responsibility and teach their children how to swim."


"Can put chain and lock on gate, kids climb, what are they going ask for next, a roof over pool fence."

- Allan Kirkegaard

Julie Edwards: "Learn to watch your own kids. It is not the neighbours fault if kids drown in the property next door. Teach your kids to swim. Sick and tired of people not supervising their children, I live near a hall and there are parties held there, funny thing is NO ONE is watching what their children are doing. They end up in my yard emptying my water tanks and wrecking mine and my neighbours gardens."

Allan Smith: "I'm the first one to complain about a nanny state but in this case I believe it's the right decision. I know of at least 3 near drowning in backyard pools and each times it's been a gate not Spring closed or poorly installed pool fencing."

Sharon Hodge: "I'm happy to have better pool fences. But why do the safety check got to cost so much?"

Pete Connor: Common sense, just ain't so common. My kids grew up with five dams around our property, not once incident We grew up with multiple dams, creeks, never supervised. Learnt to swim when we were five years old. Parents need to be more vigilant, set up an alarm, you can buy them that float in the pool with wireless buzzer and teach your kids to swim as early as possible."

Kelly Hanson: "Have a hole in the ground, fill it with water call it a pool and then you are up for thousands for fencing, certification etc....its the same with a spa even if you have a locking lid on the spa. But have a hole in the ground, fill it with water and call it a dam and you dont need any fencing etc.....even though it can be bigger, wider and deeper than a pool....don't get it. Its just a money grab by council."

Kylie Melville: "So what if I have no children and a pool. My property is fenced. Why do I need to fence my pool. If there is someone on my property they are trespassing. If its a child then the parents need to know where they are."

Shola M Saffy: "Swimming lessons should be provided free, its essential to learn how to swim and a lot of the reason most parents don't take there kids to lessons is it cost a fortune, at least school based swimming should be free."

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