RSPCA says put toads in fridge and then in freezer

THE RSPCA doesn't condone chipping cane toads over your neighbour's fence or spraying Dettol on their backs.

RSPCA community relations officer Michael Beatty told the Chronicle golf clubs weren't the best form of cane toad eradication.

"Nine out of 10 times the toad hops away," he said.

"They're incredibly resilient and it doesn't work."

Mr Beatty said the most humane way to kill toads was for residents to refrigerate the toads to put them to sleep before freezing them.

One of the Chronicle's Facebook friends objected to putting toads in her freezer when we asked what was the best method of getting rid of cane toads.

About 60 people replied and spraying them with Dettol or whacking them with a golf club/cricket bat/hockey stick/shovel were the most commonly mentioned methods.

Others suggested using salt while one reader objected to the cruelty.

Leesa Hodgson said each of us as individuals were a much bigger pest to the environment and local wildlife than any individual toad.

"Humans are responsible for introducing them to begin with so we need to be responsible in dealing with the issue," she said.

"We need to be humane.

"I agree most with some form of egg eradication being the most humane method of control and seemingly the most effective.

"Flogging toads with golf clubs/objects (especially taking pleasure in it) and spraying them with Dettol is cruel.

"Consider what you are teaching your kids by encouraging them to take pleasure in killing them and disregarding the toads ability to suffer."

Steve Kelly responded by saying it was no different to hitting a fly with a fly swat or using spray, killing a mouse with a mouse trap or poison or squashing a cockroach or spider.

"Give the kids a golf club and go have some fun I say."

John Herrenberg had a slightly different approach to the problem.

Deport them back to their home country, he said.

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