Independent Riders Fraser Coast annual poker run - Michael Tucker with (L) Cliff Leader, Mark Smith, Steve Magaric and Terry Owen.
Independent Riders Fraser Coast annual poker run - Michael Tucker with (L) Cliff Leader, Mark Smith, Steve Magaric and Terry Owen. Alistair Brightman

What's on: all you need to know about annual Poker Run

FIRE up your engines and come along for the Fraser Coast Independent Riders first major event for 2017.

Rider and organiser Michael Tucker said the fourth annual Poker Run was going through a different area completely.

"We will be going right up to Gin Gin and Miriam Vale and head through to Lowmead.

"We opened a new branch in Capricorn Coast with supporters who will probably join in.”

Michael said they were expecting between 60-80 bikes who will come out for the ride.

But you don't need ride - you can join the run in any vehicle.

For $20 registration you get your day out with giveaways, cloth patch, live entertainment, camping and more.

The poker run's first prize is 15% of registrations or a maximum of $500.

"Our focus is working on the community working together,” he said.

"We will be giving poker run proceeds to the local firies who have been coming and supporting our events for many years.

"We are also going to work towards what we refer to as a community vehicle - the idea is we provide volunteers for a vehicle that can be used by non-for-profit organisations.

"That is where we are aiming.”

Michael also mentioned the Independent Riders were working with organisations like Maryborough Family Network, MACE, Wildlife Sanctary and a couple of others.

"And it's growing - we are booked out for the next year for events we are doing.

"We figure that this sort of vehicle will unite some of these other clubs.

"We are working with the Conrodders upcoming show and shine - we run the motorbike compartment, as we will with the Ford Car Club event.

"We are now seeing cars coming on our events.

"We want to work together because we are more successful doing so.

"We are looking at charities to help us to help them - like selling our raffle tickets.”

The Indepenent Riders have 700 supporters from as far north as Cairns and south to New Zealand. There are Independent shirts in the US.

"I get a lot of satisfaction for doing this - it is my therapy,” Michael said.


IN THE classic game of poker, each player is dealt five cards.

There are five checkpoints along the route and you draw a card at each one.

You draw a card at the starting point.

It will then be noted on your score sheet and you will ride on to the next checkpoint, with the last card drawn at the final destination.

And like a game of poker, the person with the best hand at the end will be deemed the winner.


Independent Riders Fraser Coast will hold its 4th annual Poker Run on March 11 leaving the BP Roadhouse, Bruce Hwy, Torbanlea at 9.30am.

The route includes Torbanlea, Gin Gin (via South Kolan), Miriamvale and Lowmead.

For more information phone Michael Tucker on 0409 575 284.

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