Readers have their say on smokers rights.
Readers have their say on smokers rights. Photo Warren Lynam / Sunshine Co

Where you stand on smoker rights...

FRASER Coast Chronicle readers have weighed-in on the issue of smokers' rights.

Cigarette smoking has entered the national conversation in recent days after cricketers Shaun Marsh and Jackson Bird were dubbed bad role models for smoking in public while celebrating the Ashes series win against England.

Increasingly strict laws have seen cigarette smokers resigned to designated areas.

Here's what locals had to say about smoker rights...

Jason Sladok: They know they have just about hit the ceiling of what they can get away with taxing tobacco, next is alcohol.... when they start taxing alcohol at the same rate as tobacco then we will see everyone come out of the woodwork and complain and protest.

JJ Rogers: So over this debate! It's their body, their life they can do what they want. Most smokers I know are courteous enough to smoke out of the way of other people. Would you like someone coming up to you and telling you that you can't do something simply because they don't like it!

Jason Weston: Oh whinge, whinge, whinge while smoking is toxic and known to cause cancer a truly medicinal plant, cannabis, is illegal and restricted.

Cerry Kingsman I personally have NO tolerance for smoking around another human or animal. Every time you smoke around anyone else, the second hand smoke is harmful to yourself and others around you. The very few smokers I know are always financially doing it tough. Sad that they make it such an addictive drug.

Elle Robinson Meanwhile, vaping with nicotine is proven to be 95% safer than smoking, but despite that fact, Queensland has made it illegal.

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