Why is common sense failing to impact riding safety?

WHY is it that so many people have lost their common sense regarding personal safety?

Is it a belief that they're so fantastic that nothing will ever happen to them?

Every single day - or most days at least - I see people riding their pushbikes without wearing helmets.

I'd like to disregard the $121 on the spot fine for someone not wearing a helmet (Queensland Road Rules) and talk about the stupidity of the situation.

Back in high school, there was this kind of unwritten rule that said you weren't cool if you wore a helmet, even then I thought the idea was idiotic.

I'm not sure if it's about hairstyle or the fact that 'living dangerously' is perceived as cool.

Most fatalities on bikes occur when the rider is hit by a motor vehicle, a helmet won't prevent this happening but it will at least lessen the impact to your head.

This could save your life and also prevent brain damage and no, wearing a helmet without doing up the clasp doesn't count.

Even while riding at a normal speed on concrete, a pothole or an object can easily throw you off your bike and suddenly your head meets the pavement, possibly causing long-term damage or even death.

In a car, you wear your seatbelt and sit behind an air-bag, not to prevent a crash, but to minimise the impact of one.
On a bike, your helmet is your seatbelt, you have no other protection.

In the end, I don't see any legitimate reason for not wearing a helmet - except for the legal exemptions of a having a medical certificate.

Wearing a helmet is just much better choice than brain damage or dying on the sidewalk.
Ride safe.

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