A NEW technique for coping with coronavirus has Australians wondering whether they will soon be able to go about their lives normally while the virus is still at its peak.

Countries in Europe have adopted a new "polarising" technique whereby citizens live their lives normally, and "coexist" with the virus.

People in France, Spain, and Italy are permitted to eat out at restaurants, gather in groups and travel.



Several community leaders have claimed there will be no more lockdowns in the countries mentioned as they attempt to live with the virus, as opposed to actively avoiding it.

A Queensland Health spokesman said all hospital and health services had worked hard to stem the spread of coronavirus as best they could in the entire state, particularly in the Darling Downs where only a handful of cases were detected compared to some hot spots.

So adopting the polarising technique would likely not be an option especially in regional areas like Toowoomba.

"Queensland has done an incredible job at keeping cases low, and community transmission out of our state," the spokesman said.

"It is with the work of our experienced infectious diseases experts and contract tracers, paired with the tried and tested public health techniques of social distancing, hand hygiene and routine testing that we have been spared the devastation of our international counterparts throughout this pandemic.



"We will continue to work together to keep all Queenslanders safe."

While travelling is permitted in those European countries under this new technique, Queensland has continued its tough border stance.

In a recent update, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced Queensland will open its borders to 152,000 people in just five shires of New South Wales.

New figures suggest the borders could fly open to the remainder of New South Wales in just two weeks, while the Victorian border remains locked.

Originally published as Why Queensland won't ever adopt Swedish coronavirus response

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