Get your hands on one of these with our latest digital subscription deal.
Get your hands on one of these with our latest digital subscription deal. Lance

Why you really want a UE BOOM 2

IF YOU haven't heard the news - we're giving away a UE BOOM 2 with every 12-month unlimited digital subscription!                                          

From now until July 12, you can get your hands on one of the hottest items out in stores right now, totally free!

The UE BOOM 2, valued at $229.95, is a wireless speaker with 360-degree sound and some serious bass. It connects straight to your phone via Bluetooth and will play up to 100-feet away.

The rechargeable battery gives you up to 15 hours of non-stop music and it's totally waterproof, mud-proof and designed to go with you wherever you go; just rinse it under warm soapy water and you're good to go again.

We're as pumped about this promotion as you will be when the tunes are doing the same through the speakers, so we thought we'd pull together a quick 'features' guide on what this little beauty can do.

1.       Double up: You can sync two UE BOOMs to double the sound. Ensure the 'Double Up Lock' setting is set to 'on' in the settings section of the UE BOOM app and press the Bluetooth button on the devices simultaneously and they will sync. In the Double Up section of the app, you can choose how you would like the speakers to behave. There are two options:

STEREO: In this mode, the two speakers play as a stereo pair, with one speaker dedicated to the left channel and one speaker dedicated to the right. You can even define which of the two UE BOOMs should be left and which should be right.

DOUBLE: In this mode, the two speakers play identical streams.

You can also Double Up two UE BOOMs without the app: Simultaneously press the Bluetooth and + buttons on the speaker that is playing music. Then press the Bluetooth button twice on the speaker that you want to add.

2.       Speakerphone: Has a dual microphone and can be used as a speakerphone. When a call comes in, will automatically pause your music to let you take the call.

3.       Multi-host: You can connect two Bluetooth devices at once and switch between the two by simply pausing one song, and playing one on the other device.

4.       Alarm: The UE Boom can become your morning wake-up call. Use the UE Boom App to set it up.

5.       Tailor acoustic profile to suit: You can choose the 'out loud' setting (best for most environments), 'bass boost', 'intimate spaces' (for small rooms, hard floors etc) and 'voice' (for talk radio, podcasts, movies etc).

For more great features, head HERE. The head HERE to take advantage of our super deal. Alongside your UE BOOM 2, you'll have unlimited access to our website and e-newspaper, unrestricted access to the Courier Mail+ (The Daily Telegraph+ for NSW) and the Washington Post. That's $500 of value for only $249! This deal is only available until July 12, so get in quick before they run out. Head HERE or phone 1300 361 604. 

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