Water rate hike questioned

TED GALBRAITH'S no drip and he reckons Wide Bay Water Corporation has it wrong when it says his Kawungan household used 9000 litres of water a day for 22 days a month ago.

He's the sort of person who puts a bucket in the sink to wash his hands, then throws the water on the garden at the end of the day.

Wide Bay Water sent him a letter about a suspected leak when its smart meter picked up high and constant water usage through the day and night.

But Ted is mystified about where the water's gone and why it would start and stop by itself.

“If I had a leak like that, the house would be floating,” he said.

“And if it was a leak and we haven't got it fixed, it would still be leaking.”

Ted said he had been told to expect a bill of about $242 for the extra water – a big hike from his regular bills of $40 or $50.

Wide Bay Water acting chief executive Peter Care said he was confident the two independent measuring systems – the water meter and data logger – were both functioning accurately, but the corporation would do additional testing to confirm that.

“We really can't guess as to why someone's usage suddenly increases,” he said.

“It is usually because something is leaking or has been left running.

“We understand it must be particularly frustrating for these homeowners since they haven't been able to locate the source of the problem.

“Obviously none of us want to pay for something that is going to waste, which is why customers are normally happy when we tell them that they need to check for leaks.

“Otherwise they might go on paying unnecessarily large bills for a long time.

“If additional testing identifies a fault in the meter then the property owners will not be billed,” Mr Care said.

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