MAN TO BEAT: David Eggins current State title holder in the wingless sprint cars.
MAN TO BEAT: David Eggins current State title holder in the wingless sprint cars. Michael Stead Photography

'Win it or bin it' is the philosophy of David Eggins

SPEEDWAY: For current State Wingless sprint car title holder David Eggins fear of damaging his car is not something he worries about.

He believes that he has a good shot at it without sounding egotistical.

"I am lucky that I work with metal every day so I am not afraid about damaging my car,” he said.

"As my wife says to me all the time - Win it or bin it,”

Eggins believes that philosophy has worked for him over the years along with his ability to set up his car.

He is hoping history repeats on Saturday night in Maryborough.

Eggins won the title last year in Kingaroy and has no plans of letting it out of his hands.

Eggins who has been racing wingless sprint cars for the last nine years is a favourite to win the title.

"I travel to around 25 to 30 race meetings a season and just love racing,” Eggins said.

Eggins who lives just outside of Lismore in Northern New South Wales classes Maryborough as one of his home tracks.

"I race so much at Lismore, Brisbane, Maryborough and Kingaroy that I think of them all as my home tracks,”

For the past two years the Queensland title has resided in New South Wales.

Daniel Flood won it in 2017 before Eggins was the new title holder.

Eggins believes that the race will be an open affair with any of up to 20 racers with an opportunity to win it.

"It is a challenge to set your car up as tracks change but I believe I have a good handle on it,” he said.

Eggins believes that if he minimises mistakes while driving he should be at the front end of the field.

For Eggins results are great but that is not the only thing that keeps him racing.

"We are all good friends in this class and we all help each other, that is why I enjoy wingless,”

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