SICKENING footage, which shows a woman in her 50s being attacked by a teenager, has been exposed.

The Chronicle has spoken with police, who have confirmed they are investigating and the victim who was still in shock on Friday.

Pauline Finnigan, 57, was walking home from her daughter's house on Walker St on Saturday morning when she said two young girls started yelling abuse at her.

"They kept yelling at me and they disappeared," she said.

"I was actually walking towards the police station to report them when they showed up again and came towards me."

Pauline said it didn't take long before the girls, who she claims she doesn't know, started throwing punches and yelling obscenities.


Part of the ordeal was allegedly filmed on phone app Snapchat before being shared across social media.

In the video, a young woman, whose face is never shown, can be seen taunting the 57-year-old Pauline and ordering her to "shape up c***".

Another voice is heard saying "go on" before punches are thrown at the woman who was corned up against a house fence.

Pauline does not appear to retaliate and can be heard groaning as she shields her face from the attacker's punch.

Shortly after the footage was posted, it appeared online and was shared across local Facebook pages.

Last night the post had been viewed 56,000 times and had almost 800 shares.

Maryborough police Senior Constable Christopher Helsdon told the Chronicle the woman reported the incident Sunday, June 17 and was still being interviewed yesterday.

He said officers "came into possession" of the footage and were currently investigating two local females.

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