Woman accused of threatening teen

A WOMAN whose brother is accused of molesting a teenage girl has faced court for allegedly threatening to kill the teenager.

Shirley Maree Terare was charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice by threatening a victim and a witness.

Terare did not enter a plea to the charge when she faced the Maryborough Magistrates Court for committal proceedings.

She was alleged to have confronted the teenage girl at the Maryborough Aquatic Centre on January 16.

The girl, now 15, gave evidence in court.

She said Terare approached her at the pool, called her a slut and said: ‘If you don’t drop the charges I’m going to kill you.’

On March 31 police allege Terare also threatened the girl’s mother.

The woman said she was parked at Woolworths Maryborough when she saw Terare standing near the door of the supermarket.

“She came across and said: ‘You white trash, you white slut, you’re going down.’

“I said: ‘What, because a kid told the truth about your brother?’

“I stood my ground. At the end of the day it’s not about me – it’s about a 15-year-old kid who was 14 at the time.”

The mother claimed her family had been victimised by the family of the accused man for the past year, including having her door kicked in on one occasion.

Terare was committed to face her charge in the next Maryborough District Court sittings.

She was released on bail with the condition she have no contact with and not go within 100 metres of the girl or her family.

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