Charges laid over woman's racist rant on Sydney train

A WOMAN has been charged with racially abusing passengers while aboard a Sydney train.

The 55-year-old is to face a Sydney court later this month.

On Thursday, footage of a commuter making a vile and racist rant dominated national headlines.

Police asked for any witnesses of the incident to come forward.

Racist woman ranting on train apologises for abuse

THE woman who shot to notoriety after a shocking and racist rant aboard a New South Wales train has apologised.

Sue Wilkins has told ninemsn there was no justification for the abuse she heaped on passengers on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, police and NSW Department of Transport confirmed they were investigating the incident.

In the footage, caught by commuters, Ms Wilkins labels her victim "a gook" then asks why she came to "our country".

"It's not nice what I did to that lady," Ms Wilkins told ninemsn

"It wasn't nice to say that to her because it's not nice when people say that to me ... call me white trash and fatso. I know how it hurts and I shouldn't be saying it to other people."

Ms Wilkins said her temper flared after children refused to give up their seat, which led to her arguing with their mother.

WOMAN caught in horrifying racist rant on NSW train.

A WOMAN on a New South Wales train has been caught spewing racist insults at an Asian passenger.

The footage - believed to have been taken on the Central Coast and Newcastle line - captures a woman flying into a rage after some children refused to give up their seat.

The disgusting actions of the woman reach a crescendo when she begins abusing an Asian passenger, calling her a "gook", mocking her accent and asking why she came to "our country".

"What's wrong with Hong Kong, why did you come to this country, this is our country," the woman tells the passenger.

In the footage, she describes a man she thinks is the passenger's boyfriend as a "sad, poor, pathetic man" for not being able to find "an Aussie girl".

A NSW Police spokeswoman said officers were now attempting to find the culprits and those behind the camera.

"We take incidents such as these very seriously and are attempting to identify and locate those involved," she said.

Anyone with information ought to phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

WARNING: Video contains offensive language and racist comments.


NSW Trains spokeswoman said it condemned any form of abuse on its services.

"The safety of our customer is our priority and we will continue to work with the Police Transport Command to respond to these incidents," she said.

"In such circumstances, we urge customers to use a help point or contact police."

It has also commented via its Twitter account:

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