Elderly man lands on lady's bonnet

LISA Maree Ellis heard a bang and the next thing she knew an elderly scooter rider was on her car bonnet.

This is what Ellis told police when they arrived at the scene of the crash on October 27, the Hervey Bay Magistrates Court has heard.

Ellis was fined $400 when she was this week convicted of driving without due care, but Magistrate Tom Killeen did not take her licence from her.

The 47-year-old was driving a Ford sedan when she struck the moped-style motorbike being driven by an elderly man at the corner of Tooth Street and Greenway Drive in Pialba.

The man suffered only minor injuries, including bruising and cuts.

Prosecutor Kathryn Stagoll said that when police spoke to Ellis, she stated she “just did not see the motorcycle” and said a blind spot in her car may have contributed.

In court, Ellis insisted she had stopped at the intersection and looked both ways before proceeding to turn into Greenway Drive.

The scooter had been heading north on Tooth Street.

“There was traffic, which I gave way to,” Ellis said.

“To lose my licence means I will lose my job.”

The Urangan resident will remain on the roads.

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