A CAREER criminal whose parents were key witnesses in the grisly Snowtown murder trial will learn her fate later this week for her part in a heroin trafficking operation running in Cairns for months.

On Monday, the Supreme Court in Cairns heard that former South Australian woman Brooke Logan Fitzgerald, 29, "remembers playing on the barrels" as a child before their gruesome purpose was later revealed.

Fitzgerald, who has a 12-page Queensland criminal history and has appeared in South Australian courts 14 times - mostly for dishonesty offences - pleaded guilty to dealing heroin in Cairns for six months, between June and December 2019, while on parole, along with three counts of drug possession.

Brooke Fitzgerald, 29, trafficked heroin into Cairns for six months during 2019. Picture: Facebook
Brooke Fitzgerald, 29, trafficked heroin into Cairns for six months during 2019. Picture: Facebook

The court heard she was the long-term partner of the alleged boss of the drug syndicate, Wade Wigram, whose case is still before the court.

Crown prosecutor Rachel Boivin told the court the syndicate brought more than 550g of heroin into Cairns during their operation, paying more than $100,000 for the drugs, but repackaging it and selling it for up to $800,000.

She said while Wigram was allegedly the "head" of the syndicate, Fitzgerald played "an integral part", ­liaising with street level dealers to distribute the drugs.

She submitted for a sentence of up to nine years jail.

"She had a level of authority over those lower (in the syndicate)," she said.

The court heard details of Fitzgerald's offending, including using fake names, such as "Samantha Mason" to take flights to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to buy and collect drugs, while using five mobile phones and two landlines.

Despite being unemployed, Ms Boivin told the court Fitzgerald's bank account showed deposits of around $35,000 cash from unknown means.

She told the court there was no evidence of Fitzgerald living a "lavish lifestyle" but the drug sales supported her daily drug habit and she had a "vested interest" in the business's success.

Defence barrister Rachelle Logan said Fitzgerald was suffering from mental health issues.

Justice Jim Henry is due to hand down his sentence on Friday.

Originally published as Woman's 'integral' role in $800k drug business revealed

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