Woolies’ new move in hot cross bun war

Hot cross buns are back. Picture: Craig Wilson
Hot cross buns are back. Picture: Craig Wilson

THERE'S a new hot cross bun flavour in town.

As part of its national rollout of the popular treat, Woolworths has announced a new flavour to its range.

From today, Woolies will be selling its 'Brioche Style' hot cross bun, alongside its 'Traditional', 'Fruitless' and 'Mini Cadbury Chocolate Chip' flavours.

Woolies was met with praise and criticism again today after it posted that hot cross buns are officially back on its Facebook page.

The ongoing debate comes as a national online poll run by News Corp Australia found that nearly 60 per cent objected to hot cross buns being sold before Easter, while nearly 24 per cent said they did not object to the move. Nearly 17 per cent said they were not fussed by it. More than 16,000 Australians voted in the poll.

Woolworths' new Brioche Style hot cross bun goes on sale today. Picture: Supplied
Woolworths' new Brioche Style hot cross bun goes on sale today. Picture: Supplied

On Woolworth's Facebook page, one person wrote: "Hot Cross buns are for Good Friday. Woollies, stop commercialising significant Christian holy days. You have ruined Christmas, now you are attempting to ruin Easter. Just stop it."

Another critic said: "Way way too early hot cross buns are a special treat which signifies Jesus dying on the cross they are a meaning of hope but sadly you are turning them into just a money making item I only buy at Easter but thanks for bringing them out so soon will just do what I did last year buy the quick sale ones at 25c a pack and enjoy at the correct time of year"


But others were more supportive, saying: "Obviously they sell. So there's people that buy them ... I am one of those people. I think they should be available all year. They are delicious."

Another wrote: "I don't know why some people lose their minds over when hcb come on the market. I'm a cradle catholic and we don't care. Ash Wednesday is 14 Feb so start munching."

Woolworths Bakery Manager, Ben Thompson said the wait for customers who buy their hot cross buns is over.

"We know the countdown is on for our customers for hot cross buns as soon as Christmas is over," he said.

"We sold almost ten million hot cross buns in January alone last year and are proud to be able to offer our customers with a range of tasty hot cross bun goodness again to start the new year off right."

Coles Traditional hot cross buns. Picture: Supplied/Coles
Coles Traditional hot cross buns. Picture: Supplied/Coles

Coles will launch their hot cross buns nationally tomorrow and ALDI Australia will also be launching their range on January 29.

A Coles spokeswoman told News Corp Australia that there will be six different varieties available.

"Coles customers can choose from Traditional, made with 100 per cent Australian fruit (regular or mini sized), Fruit Free, Chocolate, Apple and Cinnamon or Gluten Free," she said.

A spokeswoman confirmed to News Corp Australia: "ALDI Australia will sell Hot Cross Buns from Monday 29th January 2018. We recognise that customers like to

purchase these popular seasonal treats ahead of the Easter period and we're excited to offer our Australian made range of Hot Cross Buns from this date."

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