Young woman finds medication, alcohol and police, don’t mix

A YOUNG woman who kicked a police officer after a drunken brawl in the McDonald's Restaurant car park in Pialba has avoided a conviction after pleading guilty in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court.

Tara Kate Godfrey, 24, had committed the offence after she had mixed prescribtion medication and alcohol on February 17, the court heard.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Jeanette Grigoris said officers were called to attend a fight between a group of people in the carpark.

They were speaking with a man after breaking up the fight and at that point, Godfrey created another disturbance, screaming abuse at some of the other girls in the car park.

"I'm going to smash you, you f***ing sluts, f***ing c***s!" Godfrey shouted.

Her abuse lead to her being arrested and charged with being a public nuisance, Snr Const Grigoris said.

Godfrey tried to resist arrest, and kicked one of the police officers in the leg.

She later failed to provide her identifying particulars to the police, the court heard.

Duty lawyer John Milburn provided material from Fraser Coast Medical Centre, detailing Godfrey's struggles with depression and anxiety.

Mr Milburn said Godfrey had been "over medicated" at the time and when this mixed with alcohol the resulting behaviour was out of character.

Godfrey apologised to the court and police for the way she acted.

Magistrate Graeme Tatnell accepted this, and warned Godfrey about the dangers of mixing alcohol with medication.

He said this would be her last chance to avoid having a conviction recorded for this sort of offence.

Godfrey was fined $800.

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