IT'S almost time for the trick or treat goers to come knocking, so with the help of our Facebook community we've revealed where the tradition is being embraced.

If you welcome trick-or-treaters, pick up a free "Halloween House" poster in Saturday's Chronicle to put on your gate so people know where to knock."

We asked our reader's to share their suggestions on how to trick or treat safely and tips for people wanting to participate in trick or treating and people not wanting knockers.


Robina Weeks: Weather dependant, 791 River Heads Rd River Heads {container house} will have a very large, very interesting display.

Catherine Nicol: Amity Street Maryborough  pumpkins carved and ready

Kristen Carden: On the gold coast anyone who didn't want to participate left their front light off

Sophie Martin: Hamer Drive, Urangan, closer to Ross st end

Michelle Salter: Melong St Scarness.

Tegan Goodall: "Fraser Coast Halloween Map" We have a lot of addresses listed on that page.

Elisha Lionnet-Chequer: Frasers waters PDE Toogoom.

Wendy Ballinger: If you don't wish to participate leave your front light off. That's how it works in other countries.

Frank Klesnik: No Halloween at my place. Keep walking.

Ray Cooper: We usually get a few in Eli Waters, we will be doing a bit, I also think a few don't like it but don't recall any problems last year.

Tammie Bayliss: When I take my children if the front light is on we knock if it is off we keep going. Easy if everyone who does not want to participate leaves light off.

Tammie Rasmussen: Put a balloon out the front on your letter box, that way if you are leaving your front light on for visitors and don't want people to come knocking they know by the balloon.Hammer drive URANGAN, we will be raising funds, with a gold coin donation for the Vietnam veterans , please come and support them.

Sheree Robertson: Point Vernon residents typically do a great job.

Halloween is on Saturday October 31
Halloween is on Saturday October 31 Kevin Farmer


- Outside light on = please knock, no light on = do not knock.
- Put orange balloon on their fences if they are participating
- We put a sign out stating what time and that trick or treaters welcome.
- Front light on always meant you were happy to have trick or treaters knock on your door.
- Put a decoration out the front in addition to leaving your light on?
- Traditionally, you leave your outside light on or a decoration (jack o lantern) will help encourage people to come. If you don't want them, turn off the light and/or leave a note. Sometimes people also turn off their inside lights to make extra sure it's clear they don't want trick or treaters
- Maybe if a house is participating they could have an orange ribbon on their letterbox
- If the front light is off, do not come in.
- My safety tip is go door knocking with your children & let them have some fun dressing up ect
- My daughter and her friends go trick or treating. If people leave a note on their front door, the kids will not knock on the door.
- Go to a organized event, everyone there is happy to celebrate with you and your children
- I put decorations on the letter box if we will be home

Make Halloween a treat with these takeaway tips for kids:

• Carry a mobile phone when trick-or-treating in case you need to make a phone call.
• Wear light coloured clothing so you can be easily seen.
• Don't get into vehicles with people you don't know.
• Don't enter a stranger's home, even if they invite you.
• Don't jaywalk and only cross at designated lights and crossings.
• Stick to familiar well-lit areas and don't take short cuts.
• Tell people where you are going and what time you will be home.
• Stay together with your friends.
• Keep pranks good-natured, safe, and legal.
• Call Triple Zero (000) in the event of an emergency or life threatening situation.

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